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Four thousand years ago when I was in grad school, I remember reading a book about urban design/planning in Chicago (the book was from the mid or late 90s), and how even though the City population had declined from 3.6 million to 2.8 million, it could actually comfortably accommodate a population of 1 million or more on top of the original peak population, within its current borders. Obviously, this is based on best-case scenarios in terms of urban planning, and I'm sure a lot has changed since the 90s when the book was written. But I look at developments like this, as well as other mega-developments that have been proposed over the past 10 years (the 78, Lincoln Yards, The Michael Reece site, SouthWorks/U.S. Steel), and not to mention smaller, but more numerous TOD developments peppered throughout the rest of the City outside of the greater CBD, and it's definitely possible...although demand is a different story, especially when Chicago is still shedding lower and middle-income residents.

I wish I could remember the book, so much from that time in my life is lost in the aether of my brain :/
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