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This is kind of backwards, they should be concentrating the density closest to the Chicago Brown Line stop, no? That way they could step down in scale toward the school. Maybe even put their park/playground at that end so they get some synergy with Payton's athletic fields.

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How much could there be? The immediate neighbors are Onni, the city (Walter Payton Prep), and Moody, the group that sold the land to be developed. I suppose there are people in Old Town that will gripe, but it's not like anyone that stands to lose views of downtown would object to placing towers there.

I suppose it's best to assume a "concerned citizen and taxpayer" will kick up a fuss.
I assume the Walter Payton community will raise a fuss, the dropoffs there do create a fair bit of traffic and JDL is proposing its tallest building directly next to the school.

Parc Chestnut has 286 units, that's a lot of neighbors. 45 units at Sedgwick/Locust, and various smaller condo buildings scattered throughout etc. There are other big buildings on Orleans but those are mostly rentals.
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