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Originally Posted by accord1999 View Post
I don't think they're poorly funded so much as getting very little value for the money spent.
That data point does not include DART's non operating revenues collected from sales taxes and federal grants. Here's the full report....

Keeping it simple, DART collected $593 million in sales taxes, $98 million from federal grants, and $75 million from fares. Local contribution of revenues amounting to around 85%, Uncle Same contribution around 15%.
If we take this same ratio nationally, and totaled FTA and FRA allocations from the USDOT in 2018 was all for transit, around $13 billion, here's some math that might surprise you.
15/13 = 85/x, cross multiplying 15x=13 x 85, x = 1105/15 = 73.6667

Yes, local governments and local agencies should have contriibuted around $74 billion for transit, adding the $13 billion Uncle Sam contributed should total around $87 billion for transit in 2018. That's assuming DART's ratios are the same nationally - which I have no idea is true or not.

But the major point I would like to make is that FTA and FRA allocations of around $13 billion does not really reflect what America as a whole is spending on transit. In 2018, per wiki America has 327 million population. some more math: $87 billion / 327 million people = $266 per person could have been spent on transit. That per person, not per rider. In Dallas less than 2% ride public transit. That varies significantly nationally.
I'm not sure how that stacks up world wide - but I do not think it is as low as many think it is, because they are looking at 15% data instead of 100% overlooking and forgetting about the other 85%.
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