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Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
Right, and that's why it's a crisis in today's perspective of the world. How will modern man figure out a way to curb the 18,000 years and counting continuation of rising seas with our recently constructed cites of 250 years.

It's not a crisis, it's been happening steadily.
Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but no one has the right to their own facts.

It's a fact that the current, pressing issue we refer to as "global warming" or "climate change" has not been happening steadily for 18,000 years. That's a fact. The abrupt, rapid rise in temperature that is happening now is, in fact, unprecedented. It started around the start of the industrial revolution, and there has been an extremely rapid acceleration in recent decades. Again, I ask, have you ever seen the godamned hockey-stick graph? Stop with the "18,000 years" nonsense. I'm sorry but you don't have the foggiest clue what you're talking about and you're embarrassing yourself every time you make that "18,000 years" comment. It implies that the change is gradual and natural, and reveals that you are completely unfamiliar with the science and have almost no understanding of the issue. The same goes when you make bewildering, nonsensical points about the scientists having yet to decide on a specific temperature to "cool the earth" to. What??????

It's a fact that there's a consensus among climate scientists that this extremely rapid rise in global temperatures is unprecedented and is caused by human activity. That's a fact. Look up the damn word. If you think it's not a fact, you are misinformed and need to get off those nutty right-wing websites and start taking in information from trusted, credible sources.

If you went to 98 consecutive cardiologists, and they all told you your blood pressure is too high, then finally, the 99th cardiologists told you it's not, would you somehow think there isn't a consensus among the experts that your blood pressure is too high and just assume the outlier is correct? That's insane!

Dear conservatives: You don't have to fall in line with every single conservative belief just because you're conservative. You can be pro life, pro small-government, pro 2nd Amendment - or whatever - without having to put so much effort into finding reasons to deny facts and science all because you can't bring yourself to admit your side might be completely wrong and those damn liberals might have been right all along, when it comes to just this one particular issue. Please consider the fact that this conservative vs liberal tussle over climate change that lives within our unfortunate partisan gridlock, is a uniquely American phenomenon. The rest of the world has chosen to believe the experts. Our political leanings should not determine whether or not to accept a mountain of scientific findings. This isn't demand side vs supply side economics; this is black and white. Please open your mind, consider the idea that you might be wrong, venture outside of your bubble, and carefully study the science that's being presented by what you consider to be "the other side" until you begin to gain a real understanding of it. I did. It becomes really obvious really quick which side is credible.