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Originally Posted by pj3000 View Post
Yeah, I always find it interesting and a bit baffling when people (not specifically on this forum nor in this particular thread) steadfastly cite the findings of paleoceanography/climatology and geophysics that ice ages are cyclical as 100% gospel truth, yet at the same time deny any possible human activity-induced effects on the climate. Even though the most prominent scientists in those fields who’s research they casually cite warned about that very thing.
I like how they cite ice ages and interglacial warming periods like they're dropping truth bombs or something, as if climate scientists (or anyone with a high school education) have never heard of such things

Apparently, Sun Belt thinks that climate scientists believe the sea level has always been constant and temperatures have been static since the beginning of time. Good thing he's here to educate them with his latest important findings (that he learned from cartographers lol).