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Well, design and materials surely don't match those of a couple of similar things in Manhattan (yet), but the purpose of the building still feels amazing to me. It is residential!
These projects already implemented will certainly allow them to go higher and higher-end, just like they've been doing in NYC. I wish we did the same here in Paris.
Mr Leoncelli said prospective buyers would need at least $2.5 million for one of the remaining properties, all luxury three-bedroom apartments, in the exclusive "Cloud Residences" above the 71st floor.

The cheaper apartments on the lower storeys, which sold for as little as $450,000, were snapped up within a few months of the official launch in February.
I couldn't afford it, but it doesn't even sound so overpriced given the product and amenities in there, does it? That's probably a very good thing. This is still a healthy real estate market, even though prices won't fail to skyrocket in the end. That's always the way it goes.

Build the very same in Hong Kong, NYC or London, they would sell apartments 30 times that much, because these markets are derailed.
Ours here is pretty much as insane due to NIMBYism to crush/avoid any serious competition locally, to artificially keep prices very high.

I can't tell how much I find it nasty and stupid when I see what they've been doing over there.
Good job in that matter, Australia.
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