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Originally Posted by Londonee View Post
Being the opposite of cute- blunt, actually. If you spend any reasonable amount of time in Center City the synchronization of lights is pretty apparent...

Just saying, for a forum whose almost sole focus on development, policy, hot-takes on nimby-ism, aesthetic, energy, concept on Jane Jacobs's belief, anger at Inga etc. is focused on a 2 square mile group of neighborhoods in Center City... that some of our more opinionated and energized posters clearly haven't spent enough time in said neighborhood is something to note.
First, I don't think it's apparent. Maybe b/c I don't drive much in CC (which I noted in my earlier post). Or maybe because there's so much traffic, double parked vehicles, and pedestrians that the lights - if they are timed - probably has minimal impact in speeding up traffic, which of course is totally fine and expected for that part of the city.

The other thing I had previously said and bears repeating is that the synchronization issue, for me, is most apparent (and painful) outside of CC on streets like Washington Ave and Girard Ave. So the amount of time I spend in CC really has no bearing on this.

But going forward, I'll be sure to document the time I spend in CC so that way my commentary can still be credible.
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