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Originally Posted by allovertown View Post
It really needs to be added to the Philadelphia Projects & Construction forum, ideally as a sticky like Highrise Developments Thread and the Metro Developments thread.

I don't know about everyone else, but I access all of these threads through the Philadelphia Projects & Construction forum. If a thread such as the Transportation thread isn't attached to that forum I don't see. I don't feel like searching for individual threads.

Also... Londonee bringing fire and I like it. Seriously though I had a work study co-op in New Jersey in the early 2000s and I'd drive home to my parents house in West Philly all the time after working late and there would be no traffic on Walnut and I remember the lights were synched then. ALMOST TWO DECADES AGO. Even if you're not driving, there are signs everywhere on the synched streets. The idea that someone spends any considerable time in Philly and didn't know philly has synched street lights is basically impossible to believe.
It can't. I talked to Summers about it, and the code of the site will not allow for it to appear in this subforum.
Philadelphia Transportation Thread:
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