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the poor door

I was looking over the plans for this so called equal justice building and noticed something interesting, the 'affordable rate' apartments are all on floors 2 thru 4, and the 'market rate' apartments are all on floors 5 thru 12. Each has its own lobby, its own elevators, its own outdoor terrace, and community rooms. For a place with 'equal justice' in it's name, I think this enforced division between the haves and the have less folk is, to say the least, unfortunate. How about brown sink people on floors 2 and 3, black skinned folk on 4 and 5, yellows on 6 and 7, then the so called whites on 8 thru 12. That would never be accepted, but we are willing to divide people along economic lines? If this is really true, then I'm pissed off (plus, they should have at least 1 floor of underground parking)
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