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Interesting proposal and if built will be an excellent addition to the Medical Center.

The Medical Center has been a positive in the midst of strengthening downturns in both the commercial and residential markets in Houston due to the crash in oil prices.

In the article McKeon is quoted as saying:

It’s been unanimously approved by our board and it’s moving very quickly,” McKeon, executive vice president, chief strategy officer and chief operating officer of the Texas Medical Center, said at an investor conference hosted by Midway, at Hotel Sorella in CityCentre.

But at the end of the article is this statement:

* Note: In a follow-up interview, McKeon said the only thing approved by the Medical Center board so far has been a change in real estate covenants that would allow for-profit companies to help develop the project.

Maybe McKeon is just so excited about the prospects he announced everything being unanimously approved in the expectation that it would be but then was forced to say that nothing has been approved other than a change in covenants that could allow it to go forward, not that it is actually approved to go forward.

A bit different message.

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