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Fengjing Ancient Town,located Shanghai.

The time-honored history of Fengjing Town can be traced back to over 1500 years ago .......

Fengjing is a magic place nurturing great minds. Altogether 639 notables have been recorded in her history since the Tang Dynasty, and among them, there are 3 Number-one-scholars who passed the imperial examinations in ancient China, 53 successful candidates for the highest imperial examinations, 125 provincial graduates and 235 cultural celebrities......


枫泾镇成市于宋,建镇于元,是一个已有一千五百多年历史的文明古镇,地跨吴越两界。 枫泾镇为典型的江南水乡集镇,周围水网遍布,区内河道纵横,素有“三步两座桥,一望 十条港”之称,镇区多小圩,形似荷叶;境内林木荫翳,庐舍鳞次,清流急湍,且遍植 荷花,清雅秀美,故又称“清风泾”......

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