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Philly’s lack of triple-deckers, walk-ups, duplexes/triplexes is made up for by the tight grid. There are lots of residential streets where the housing meets the sidewalk (no setbacks), sidewalks are narrow with no parkways, and the street is a single traffic lane. Where the hell do you park your car if there’s no driveway or garage (front or back)? These rowhouses have such small footprints, each about the length (or even slightly narrower) of a standard sedan.

That being said, yes, you bring up valid points about size and racial demographics Steely and Crawford. Although I’d point out that even DC, Boston, and SF have suburban-esque neighborhoods at the periphery, albeit not quite like Far Northeast Philly or Staten Island. Regarding demographics, Philly is very close to having a white plurality (40.7% white, 42.1% black), while DC is evenly split (46% each).

I guess I was expecting Philly’s numbers to be more of a middle ground between Boston/SF/DC, and Chicago. Philly’s really an enigma to me in many ways, and this only adds to that sentiment.
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