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Originally Posted by marothisu View Post
Lol..... the 95th Street Red Line stop had 2.8+ million paid station entries in 2019 and over 3 million in 2018. That was more than the Addison Red Line stop had, next to Wrigley Field, in the same years and also more than Clark/Division. Idk - someone want to explain how the 95th street station has more paid station in a year than the stop right next to Wrigley Field and some downtown?
Simple - nobody walks on at 95th from the surrounding neighborhood, they transfer from 14 different bus routes that cover the whole South Side and a good chunk of the suburbs going all the way out to Palos Hills or Chicago Heights. In recognition of this fact, CTA just spent nearly $300 million to rebuild the 95th station and make the bus transfers easier and more seamless. This was a good investment. Extending the Red Line south for 4 more stations at $2B total? Not so much.

As others have noted, there are much better ways to spend $2B on the South Side. Revamping Metra Electric could be done for less than half this cost, and it already runs through the neighborhoods in question. Allowing CTA bus transfers to the Metra line could be done tomorrow, for almost no cost. For people that have to get to the Red Line, CTA could speed up the buses with various improvements along the route and better shelters. Etc etc.
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