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Thanks for your comments. Let's head indoors now and have a look at a museum.

Located near McGill University, the McCord Museum is most famous for its indigenous artifacts.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021, the museum offered 100 days of free admission thanks to corporate support from a bank. The museum is named after collector David Ross McCord, who was born in the city in 1844. He set out to preserve and celebrate Canadian history. His collection outgrew his home and was donated to McGill University in 1919, and the museum opened in 1921.

The Inuit used intestinal membrane to create this type of waterproof parka, which allows perspiration to evaporate.

They used protective snow goggles which limited the amount of light through to better focus for hunting.

Silver items were initially gifted by the Europeans for diplomatic reasons. In the first half of the 19th century, indigenous silversmiths started making these type of objects.

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