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Originally Posted by urbanflight View Post
Thanks for the photos.

Are those parking lots going to be redeveloped?

It's insane that San Francisco/California are facing a critical Housing Crisis and still waste central urban space in parking garage buildings....
as viewguy mentioned, most of the current surface parking you see in the photos is part of the UCSF campus.

the most recent information I can remember or find quickly related to that area is from 2013-4. in this thread there is discussion on pages 68-69, and from this site you have this (for reference, the photos are taken from the Rutter Center in an arc spanning NE to NW):

(note that two of the visible lots are for a future SF Public School and future affordable residential)

this document also has more detailed info. you can see that since 2014, the basic infrastructure (sewers, street grid) has been put in place to prepare for development

edit: from this document from end 2014, you also have this image highlighting the parcels that remained pending at that point

I do have a nagging question around UCSF MB Campus Planning - with these parcels available, how come UCSF acquired additional ones in Dogpatch and the 'East Campus' and built there first? (edit: and in particular, is the UCSF housing that was just built in Dogpatch the same that was originally envisioned for MB block 15?)

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