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Originally Posted by Zapatan View Post
hmmm wonder if that means the height went up slightly or if the first was just an estimate.

This and the other new building will be great additions to the city, not really sure where that supertall stands or if it's a real proposal but that would be awesome too of course.
Its 795 feet. IDK the mods don't seem to update titles. Well, some do at least. Props to Urbannizer and NyGuy. They are on top of stuff. I've been requesting title changes for a lot of projects (Miami and NYC) along with other members with respectable sources confirming heights/floors, also construction status so that it gets moved from proposals to UC section, but no luck as I can't edit titles or move stuff.

Look at post #7, and #17. A height confirmation, and a updated floor count from 50 to 54, but no title change. The thread title should at least be changed to what is based on sources (Multiple ones in this case). If things change, a title update occurs.

Also, this project has two parts. One 54 floors, the other 15 floors. (Post #11)
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