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[QUOTE=ardecila;9451028]Let's not conflate Hudson Yards, the Related development over the MTA railyards, with Hudson Yards, the neighborhood on the West Side of Manhattan. Most of NYC's taxpayer investments in this area (like the 7 train extension, Bella Abzug Park, High Line, etc) benefit the neighborhood at large. Many developers are taking advantage of the city's investments in that area, not just Related. That won't happen in the South Loop, because the area around One Central is already built-up with townhouses and condos that will be there long after I'm dead and buried.

Also, Hudson Yards is 2 blocks away from the busiest train station in the Western Hemisphere. It's simply good planning for the city to build out further infrastructure that allows a big, dense office district there within walking distance of the city's biggest commuter and intercity train station. The Chicago equivalent would be something like the Old Post Office or the deck plaza at River Point.

Lastly, the city investment in Hudson Yards (the Related development, benefiting only Related) is $2.2 billion. Dunn is asking for almost four times that amount at One Central.[/QUOTE

You beat me to the punch. Excellent answer.
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