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Originally Posted by CrestedSaguaro View Post
From what I have read, the average 737-800 (the most common plane in the US) has an average climb rate of about 1800 feet per minute fully loaded. So we're probably talking roughly about 30' of less height in that short of a distance for the Coyotes location...give or take.

The concern that PHX and airport officials tried bringing up was the noise being of concern for the residential component. But I don't think 30' is going to be much of a difference in jet noise.
That's right, I've lived in a big Northeast city before right next to a raise highway with no noise reduction features like walls or quiet pavement, my apartment wall would shake when big trucks went by. For the most part I got used to it after a while but I'm also not a NIMBY that would buy in an area then go complain and try to change it later. If I buy or rent there I'd be willing to accept that I'm going to hear planes. To your point, it's no different then the countless other apartments all around the lake and downtown Tempe now.
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