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More Standard Porn: The High Line's Perpetual Lap Dance
Wednesday, August 29, 2007, by Joey

Friends: Today is Hotel Day at Curbed HQ, meaning that over the course of our whirlwind Wednesday adventure, you will be reading several items regarding ... hotels. Blame it on our transient nature. Hope you enjoy!

Following yesterday's photo update of Andre Balazs' Standard Hotel in the Upper MePa, a Curbed reader sends along a couple more shots of the High Line-straddling hotspot-to-be. There's something a little terrifying about the way the Standard just dangles up there, waiting to collapse on the heads of all those taking in a nice Sunday afternoon with a little stroll on the High Line (those who will be allowed to, anyway). Maybe that's just our batophobia. Another thing that could be just us is the Standard Hotel look-alike that immediately popped into our heads after having a glance at yesterday's picture.

At left, the Standard Hotel. At right, the Star Wars AT-AT All-Terrain Walker. Separated at birth?
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