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Originally Posted by austin242 View Post
I think you'd have to be irrational to cancel your travel plans because of this virus at the moment. The chances of you contracting it at the moment in the US
(considering 100 cases and the US pop) are 1:3,270,000. Death 1:32,700,000
At least in 2014 the likelihood of dying with HIV was 1:50,000
As well there is a 1:2,672,000 Chance of getting mauled to death by an animal.
Well, the number of cases in the US is off by at least a factor of 20 if not more. The reason for the low number is simply because they are not testing, not because people are not getting sick. Even as we speak, there are people currently in hospitals, who exhibit all of the symptoms, who tested negative for flu and strep, and they are STILL not getting tested. This is the case in NYC. The number of deaths is also underestimated, as they just put "cause of death: pneumonia" without testing for covid-19 for 99.99% of cases. For people who can recover on their own, the doctors flat out say it to your face "We have ruled out everything else, I am 99% sure you have it, but we can't test you, so just self-quarantine yourself for a couple of weeks in your own house".
Also, I don't know about you, but if HIV spread via air I'd be freaking out....
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