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423 cases and 7 deaths here in France so far.

It makes much more noise than it should do all over the place, like some wimps get paranoid out here.
They're talking about canceling any event that would gather over 5k people indoor, things along these lines.

Bon, it's easy to be careless when you're healthy and you know it wouldn't kill you. You'd recover from it if you were healthy anyway.
In most cases, you wouldn't even realize whether you were infected or not. Your antibodies and whole immune system would just do the job for yourself, then you wouldn't even be aware.

That said, we are concerned about elders, 'cause that nasty thing that is likely to have come from a bat in Wuhan, China would likely be to kill a lot of them.
Who the hell eats bats by the way? I'm wondering. Especially when actually cooking it would've most definitely killed the virus messing up the world right now.

The very first person to be infected would have eaten a bat that wasn't even cooked enough!
Good Lord, that's disgusting! It is unbearable just to think about it.

Who wants some uncooked bat for dinner on here? Hey, uncooked bat for sale in my French luxury restaurant! Want some?
Ils ne savaient pas que c'├ętait impossible, alors ils l'ont fait.
They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it.
That's partly what the Lord teaches about.
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