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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
Racine would be a natural for a N/S bus route, if only it weren't so disjointed and discontinuous everywhere.

i mean, how'd it get south of cermak? jog over to loomis, cross the south branch, and then pick racine back up at 31st?

and going north, the kennedy, the river, and goose island would make for all kinds of wacky twists and turns to get a bus route back up to where racine is mostly continuous again at armitage.
There's different ways you could do it; personally I would focus on a route that only covers between the north and south branches of the river at first, running Ashland Orange Line to Grand Blue Line (Archer-Loomis-Blue Island-Racine-Ogden). You could cover Racine thru Pilsen with a jog at Cermak, but I think it makes more sense to overlap with the #60 so they can share bus stops.

Hooking it into the existing #44 Racine bus would be difficult, but that should be the ultimate goal to fill in the missing link in the bus grid. Some planned projects like the North Branch Transitway might help extend it north in the future, ideally to Fullerton station where Red/Brown/Purple transfer is possible.
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