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Originally Posted by SIGSEGV View Post
Not sure an Amtrak station really makes sense there unless there are a lot more trains to Carbondale? I guess extending some Hiawatha runs south to Champaign could potentially make sense.

And for a CTA line, I guess some Pink Line or Brown Line runs could be extended there?
Another reason an Amtrak station doesn't make sense is because Amtrak will no longer run on St. Charles Airline tracks once the P4 CREATE project is finished in a couple of years. Freight will also no longer run on this stretch of track, so an unintended benefit of this proposal is this opens up Metra using this route to get to Union Station (i.e. Crossrail)

For the CTA line/branch the 13th St subway portal keeps showing up in the map, so this suggests that the Red Line will be using line. The connection would still be awkward, but at least it wouldn't put further constraints on Loop bound trains
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