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Originally Posted by koops65 View Post
With an illustrators account you can click on the "Upload a drawing" link on the building page, and it will tell you the estimated height.

Whoever entered the One Yonge development into the database put in the estimated heights. I definitely suspect the numbers are low, at or near the minimum possible heights for these towers. I mean, the tallest, 98 floors, doesnt even break 300 metres (298M), and the 92 floor tower has an estimated height of 280 metres. But they are just estimates, and we will have to wait for Pinnacle to release the true heights.
I see. Maybe I'm talking out of my ass here, but it seems a peculiarly Torontonian phenomenon for there to be a bevy of 90+ storey proposals afoot (Mirvish trio, Oxford duo, 1 Yonge duo), and only a couple of them barely crack 300m or 1000ft. It must be the notorious Toronto Cheapening® in action yet again.
Not to revive a tired city comparison again, but anything 98 storeys in Manhattan isn't going to be tolerated at under, say, 1100ft, minimum.
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