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Originally Posted by mrnyc View Post
i dk, but its a good idea for some settings.

i mean, why not?

there are plenty of nice views we could get, but never get a chance to because noone thinks to do something like that or makes the effort.
According to the entry on this website, it got removed after people vandalized it. Which I think is probably the main reason why this doesn't get done more often: power and utility companies aren't willing to sink the time, effort, expense, and potential legal liability* into doing something nice and wonderful for the community, only to have horrible people within that community come and screw it up ("see? This is why we can't have nice things!").

*(For example, maybe not so much in Germany, but in America, I can totally see this kind of thing being a goldmine for tort actions, "attractive nuisance" and all that, where people sue each other for drowning in another person's swimming pool even though there's a clear "no trespassing!" sign).
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