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Introducing PMX: Our model for how tall timber buildings could work in cities


- Timber is staging a comeback in the form of a new fire-resistant super wood known as “mass timber,” a building material made of wood pieces compressed together in a factory to create thick beams, columns, and panels. This resurgence is driven in part by environmental advocates, some of whom have highlighted mass timber’s potential to help fight global climate change. Developers are also interested in how mass timber building parts lend themselves to efficient factory production, which can save time (and therefore cost) over existing on-site construction methods. --- To explore how factory-produced timber buildings can grow even taller, we designed a mass timber proto-model at 35 stories — a height that’s yet to be achieved in practice. We call this project Proto-Model X, or PMX. What’s a proto-model, you ask? It’s essentially a digital proof-of-concept that stands in for a real building and provides insights into its hypothetical performance. The concept is borrowed from manufacturing, where it’s common to design one perfect “widget” before producing them en masse in a factory.


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