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Originally Posted by AlpacaObsessor View Post
I'm pretty sure 333 Green St has been done for a while at this point. Not very eyepopping but it's at least contributed towards re-stitching the urban fabric between Fulton and Kinzie streets.

Rivernorthlurker's correct here in that it's only office.
Yeah that's true. I like the kinetic wall of 333 though - it a nice embellishment but hard to appreciate in photos. The building has a nice 'weight' to it too.

345 is nothing bad, but looks a little unfinished to me - both inside and out. It's kind of like they said, 'since we're going to lease this ourselves we can just crank this out and not have to worry about it's leasability.' The 'accelerated timeline' of 13 months I think supports that. I actually like the theme but wish they kinda committed to it a little further.

“Skender is proud to be a part of the team that will bring 345 N Morgan to completion on an accelerated timeline. COVID-19 has caused countless development delays and disruptions across Chicago, but this project will deliver in just over a year – that’s a significant accomplishment even by pre-pandemic standards,” said Justin Brown, President & CEO, Skender. “We understand the high level of integration that this project demands and are committed to executing the seamless, collaborative and efficient process for which Skender is known.”
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