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Originally Posted by Randomguy34 View Post
The site it too far from a CTA station to qualify for TOD, so they likely have that many parking spots because of zoning
Correct. They don't qualify for TOD but they are changing the underlying zoning to a DX-7 which comes with a requirement of 0.7 spaces per dwelling unit, and no required parking for office.

Since the site is planned for 971 dwelling units across both subareas, that means SB must provide at least 680 parking spots on site for the residential only. They are providing 715 parking spots total, so the extra 35 spaces are probably token parking for the office space (guest parking or reserved for execs, etc).

Really you can't blame SB for the high parking here, they are providing what they are legally required to provide. Blame the city for both a TOD ordinance that is too restrictive, and their utter failure to provide adequate transit to the fastest growing part of the city. Transit access here is even worse than Austin or Englewood, since the West Loop has no north-south bus in the entire mile between Halsted and Ashland, and because the rapid development adds traffic that slows down the buses more and more each year.
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