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So I’ve always wondered about the rights needed to build the project. You all know that the US Supreme Court case establishing the public trust doctrine was about this piece of property and this is a quote from that decision (

The Illinois Central Railroad Company never acquired by the reclamation from the waters of the lake of the land upon which its tracks are laid, or by the construction of the road and works connected therewith, an absolute fee in the tract reclaimed, with a consequent right to dispose of the same to other parties or to use it for any other purpose than the one designated -- the construction and operation of a railroad thereon, with one or more tracks and works, in connection with the road or in aid thereof.
I did some searching on the Cook County Recorders website before they messed all the searching up, and Landmark got a quit claim deed from Fogelson, who got a quit claim deed from the Illinois Central RR. So do they even have the right to build anything other than their transportation center?
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