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Originally Posted by galleyfox View Post
I’m curious about the motivation. If the developers just want to build a shopping mall and high-rises, and some federal agency is doing some back-scratching...then go for it and drop the transit charade.

Because otherwise the only plan that would interest and benefit both the city and the developer would be to tunnel under the Loop...
Regardless of the merits of that idea, this isn't the opportunity to pursue that kind of project.

The last time the city actually did a plan for this area was 11 years ago when they released the Central Area Action Plan. These are the projects they recommended for the Near South area:

Presumably the "railscape" is included in One Central by default, and the Green Line station is built. The Orange Line station is redundant now that the city and Related have committed to a new Red Line station at 15th. So that just leaves the busway, and improvements to Northerly Island. Come to think of it, Northerly Island is really where Bob Dunn & Co should focus their efforts... complete the full buildout with a permanent concert venue, barrier islands, etc. That's a much better incentive for this project, one that is a gift to the whole city.
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