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the NW corner

the CCA student housing is losing its shroud, revealing its imitation of the style of its parent school building

in Potrero Flats, 88 Arkansas sprouting above its fence

Mason on Mariposa has open sidewalks on the north side

and you can even enter into the passageway a ways

over in Dogpatch, the one at 20th and Third, as seen from Tennessee.

the Pier 70 end of Crane Cove Park, looking north

moving northward, outlines of things taking form

looking back south

further to the north, varied pavers

the UCSF Psychiatry Center, Third St side

we have new sidewalk on the west side of Illinois finally

the portion of the Fibrogen building that 'interacts with' Terry Francois St has been fenced off, which I hope/assume means they are spiffing it up with new plantings and stuff

the bayfront park by Chase also has the vaguest hints of forms starting to show

Uber still being worked on

the hotel

Mission Rock, test piles going in

creekside looks about the same

hotel from creek in context

more context

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