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To answer some of the questions...

- The East Campus is being developed because it has a significant clinical focus, so being across the street from the hospital is important.

- The big new UCSF housing complex in Dogpatch is indeed a relocation of the housing that was originally planned for Block 15. When the Dogpatch properties became avaialble, UCSF jumped at the opportunity and shifted plans because that property is a better fit for residential while Block 15 is a better location for research/clinical functions. Remember UCSF also acquired the Cal-Steam building at 777 Mariposa. AFAIK, still no specific plans for it, but they couldn't pass up the opportunity. Cal-Steam had a couple of years left on their lease at the time, but I believe they may have vacated by now.

UCSF will be pursuing options to increase square footage entitlements for the main MB campus to allow more research development on the remaining parcels, but things may be on pause for a while as they turn some attention back to Parnassus and the hospital rebuild there after spending the past 20 years focusing on Mission Bay.

- Regarding parking, while there are temporary surface lots, UCSF is actually building less structured parking than it originally planned. They're finding with the robust shuttle system and increased housing stock, they don't need as many. For example, the existing Third Street Garage on block 23 is only two-thirds the size it was originally intended to be. It was supposed to be expanded at some point, but they decided not to, and of course with the neuroscience building going up on the rest of the block, that decision is now locked in.

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