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BTW, I have plenty of update photos to share on my recent trip to A2.

Here's just a mention of what's happened:

Zaragon 2: Excavation only. All former site elements have been cleared

North Quad: Complete and Open

Mott Children's Hospital: Exterior complete, drive up entry still needs paving

Couzens Hall: Exterior restoration complete, new windows, work progressing on interior

Michigan Stadium: Complete and Open

CVS: Old Exterior facade braced, interior replaced with new steel

Tally Hall: White-box renovations completed last year. Two businesses now occupying this space....LAB and @burger

New Law Quad Building: Windows installed, west elevation entirely clad in matching stone and details. Other elevations up to about the second floor so far

City Hall Addition: New building nearing completion

Thompson Street Parking Structure Addition: Complete and partially open

CC Little Transit Center: Complete and Open

Destroyed Pinball Petes: Demolished and cleared. Site has interested buyers

601 Forest: All buildings still standing. Regularly occupied buildings are occupied. Regularly vacant buildings are vacant. In other words, no action as of yet.

Kresge buildings: Park now exists. Still fenced off. Grass has been put down. You know what? It actually looks really nice. I don't know, maybe a park is okay permanently? thoughts?

All and all. Ann Arbor's looking really great these days. It's certainly lost a couple old time favorites like Shaman Drum, but the new stuff is a vast improvement. Some good new mom and pop coffee shops and restaurants, and a couple new non-sports apparel clothing stores. That's a really good sign. I didn't see any vacancies. So, I think the city has successfully cleared the recession without any scars.
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