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Originally Posted by pj3000 View Post
It sounds like you have no idea how a carbon tax works. Instead of bringing up irrelevant geological history like land bridges to Asia and senselessly LOL-ing, maybe spend 15 minutes of your time educating yourself on the details of a carbon tax.

In quick summary for you, most producers are able avoid paying the tax via utilizing more energy efficient technologies. The tax main purpose is to dissuade the unnecessary use of fossil fuels. Tax money that is collected goes to fund small biz tax breaks and incentives/rebates to homeowners, and investment into energy technology research. So, even producers who pay the tax most likely receive the benefits back anyway. Only the largest emitters end up paying (and ALL studies on the issue show that they can more than easily afford it). There’s a reason conservatives favor it over other methods, like cap and trade, because it’s more effective, the tax is a tax in name only, and it actually functions as a market mechanism, rather than a hard and fast regulation.
Thanks for the post.

In other words, it's just a big ol' giant game that's being played. But hey, to get people on board, you must scare them first.

None of this will lead to a cooler world [and what year are we trying to get back to? Has any expert told us that yet? 1900 AD? 1800 AD? 1000 AD? 2000 BC? 10000 BC? 5 million BC? -- LOL

But back to your post, those players that play the game will most definitely get rich real quick and will rule the world in the future.

Game on!