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Originally Posted by Rico Rommheim View Post
Your cat and dog seem to get along just fine, that's nice
Oh yeah. They all live in harmony. My brother got his Dalmatian in 1995 when she was just a pup. She turned 12 last September. I had already had my cat Mittens for two years, so she was raised with him. Besides that, Penny, (the Dal) wouldn't hurt a fly. Mittens wouldn't have either. Mittens died in 2006 after he had a few strokes. He was 13. The other cat, Jodie which is the gray one, we got him from my sister's friend a few months ago. He's about 10 months old now. He was raised as a kitten with a pit bull, so he's not afraid of dogs at all. And none of our dogs would hurt him. The only one I would worry about is my brother's other Dalmatian, Flair. She's a bit more wild. Other than that everyone gets along fine. You really just have to let them all know that they all have a right to be here. That sounds goofy, but if you show them they're all part of the "family" then they accept them. I'll walk in the living room and my two dogs Sophie and Lacy will be asleep on the couch curled up next to the cat.

Originally Posted by Rico Rommheim
^Beautiful animal! I wonder what animals do when they sleep. Do they have dreams? Do they think or look forward to anything or are they stuck in some permanent "now"?
I'm sure animals dream. I know for a fact that dogs dream. Penny, my brother's Dalmatian dreams all the time. She kicks her feet, wiggles her legs and even barks and whimpers in her sleep.

And I'm pretty sure that at least dogs look forward to things. And I'm not just talking about dinner either. I'll go for a walk with my dogs in my neighborhood. My dog Sophie LOVES to go for walks. I'll take the lead out of my dresser to put on her and she goes nuts and gets all excited wagging her tail so hard her whole body shakes. And if I'm not quick enough to get it on her and get to the door then she whimpers in protest.
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