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Originally Posted by Doady View Post
Why are the photos not your property? You shouldn't give up the rights to your photos. I think you will be more motivated to learn and photograph if you do it for yourself instead of for someone else.
The French architecture site needs some support for server administration. It's an useful site and some people have been involved for years and years without making any money of it, so I think it's worth helping them a little bit, if possible.

Originally Posted by Doady View Post
I noticed a lot of your photos dominated by shadows. Very harsh lighting due lack of clouds. Maybe you should try photographing more with the sun instead of against the sun, or wait for cloudy day. If you want sun, maybe wait for partly cloudly sky for less harsh light.
Yeah, that's why I doubt any picture in this thread would ever make a penny anyway. It feels like some pics are both underexposed and overexposed, that is confusing indeed.
It probably could be corrected by raster graphics editors like Photoshop or GIMP, but it will take time for me to learn how to use these things.

Thanks a lot for your comments, by the way. They're very helpful to me. I guess I'll have to pay more attention to the sun orientation next time.
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