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^ You would think any smart casino operator would want to avoid the image of organized crime, no? I don't disagree with the 1920s theme, especially if we get a Greektown Casino-esque complex in Motor Row, but they'll have to be a little more subtle than that.

Glad to see that Lightfoot is still thinking big on this one. The proof is in the pudding, though, everybody says "world class" but few actually bother to take a look around the world to see the competition. And the city will ultimately be constrained by what the licensee is willing or not willing to do, with regards to design.

I do like the idea of a temporary site, as well... get a huge cavernous building like the Freedom Center and gussy it up with decorations and slot machines. If an operator can start collecting money sooner, it may be easier to persuade them to spend more money on good design.

I would love it if we got a vertical casino like Altira in Macau... compact site, large hotel tower, no huge windowless podium (well, it is windowless but they gave it the Times Square treatment). We had cocktails there, it was super luxury, gorgeous inside and out:
la forme d'une ville change plus vite, hélas! que le coeur d'un mortel...
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