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Originally Posted by Nexis4Jersey View Post
East Side Access will shift most of the LIRR ridership away from Penn and some of the E train ridership. But for whatever reason the LIRR still intends on running full service to Penn despite ridership project to decrease by 60%. It also plans on gutting service to Atlantic Terminal in favor of a shuttle service. I don't think there is a high demand for through running , and you'll have a very hard time convincing the agencies that its worth while. NJT has billions in backlogged projects before it could even handle high capacity / frequent trains that would be required for through running.
I’d be surprised that there isn’t demand, or more accurately it is supressed by the lack of simple connectivity from cross-city rides to an integrated passenger information system. It isn’t just a case of people getting to jobs in New Jersey from Long Island and vice versa, it’s broader connectivity, such as getting to Newark Airport from Long Island, etc…

Metro areas are regularly brought up on this forum to gauge size and scale, but the absence of joined up regional planning results in staggeringly expensive projects that deliver little benefit. East Side Access is costing half the price of Crossrail, but merely relocates terminating trains one mile away (whilst also reusing an existing tunnel) to a station that has surplus platform capacity, but which doesn’t utilise them.
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