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If you are closing in on graduation, I'd start working on a brokers license. That's what I did right at the end of school and it's opened the door to a ton of opportunities for me. I will say that residential brokerage is NOT the way to go and that you should try to shoot for commercial brokerage and learn industrial or office brokerage. It's a great way to learn the fundamentals of putting deals together and to start building a network.

I'm finally closing in on my deal of being able to actually start my own independent development company and will probably open a brokerage arm as well as I've recruited a few friends who also have licenses to join me. What is really driving my business plan now is a Private Equity fund that I'm putting together to buy up small multi-family properties. I own two buildings now and have another under contract and am waiting for a response today on a 4th one that my partner and I put in a cash offer on (I'm pumped about this one as they've indicated we are the top offer right now). I wouldn't have been able to afford or figure out how to do any of this without the base that two years of brokerage has given me.
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