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Three Supertalls here would pretty cool. 1 Vanderbilt, 335 Madison Ave and possibly 347 Madison Ave if they can purchase 50 and 52 Vanderbilt or their air rights.

I'd be pissed off if they tear down the Roosevelt Hotel. The last of the grand Hotels that were at one time all over this area. The Biltmore, 335 Mad, was stripped down to it's frame by Milstein and reconfigured into an office building back in the '80's even though it was landmarked.

I'm sure everyone sees another opportunity for a supertall at the Roosevelt, but to me that's a mistake.. this isn't some nondescript post war building in the area.. it's the last of the grand hotels and should be left untouched.

While we're at it, the Commodore should be bought back to it's former glory and Trump smacked around a bit for what he did to that building.
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