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Thanks Busy Bee, A Chicago Bearcat, & Richb. That will definitely come in handy. I'm currently finishing up getting my credits to transfer (finals next week) and definitely needed to get a good idea on where to go to first. I know becoming an actual developer would be decades down the road for me.

My plan is to start on individual homes and lots and basically gradually move up from there to the point where I can purchase lots in prime areas. Seeing the developmental patterns that have been going on for quite a while now in this city (from an architectural standpoint ie whole blocks of prairie fields where beautiful rowhomes once stood) really made me concerned for the city as a whole and I would like to reverse the direction its currently heading in (aside from more affluent neighborhoods).

I currently have a connection to a small architect firm and not sure how long that would last that's why I was thinking getting the bachelors in architecture first would be good .

Well after I finish this semester I'll be able to transfer to a four year school, got all summer to figure out exactly each step from here. Getting a business degree first won't exactly put me in the playing field though opposed to working on an internship in a firm where I can ask questions and get credible answers... Idk Thanks for the responses once again....

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