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Originally Posted by ChiTownCity View Post
well that sounds like me . I know that it would make more sense to get a business major but I was thinking that if I major in architecture then I'll have a better understanding about what it is that I'm actually trying to build (better knowledge about materials and all that stuff). I'm definitely not trying to get into this field for money. Also if I had experience as an architect then wouldn't it be possible for me to design some of my own projects? or would that be too much? Thanks for the response in advance, sorry for taking this thread off topic...

If you are wanting to just build houses, that actually would make you a home builder, not a developer. At least at the beginning anyway, because you would likely buy lots from existing land developers or just finding empty lots. Developing is buying land, dividing it, and going though all the processes of getting a project approved. An expensive process that requires very deep pockets. Not for a beginner.

I am working on entering the development/ home building business myself. I am doing it via being a realtor. A college degree doesn't count for much in the real estate business especially if you are working for yourself. Being in the business of real estate will give you a far better sense of where you could build a real business, no school can do that.

As of this point I won't be a developer for a long time. I will do one house at a time for the time being. Building individuals houses and land developing really are different things, but moving from house building to more and bigger projects is the way to go. Experience counts for a lot.
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