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Originally Posted by Gonzo the Great View Post
Ok here's another one that no-one is going to like but ..... after a cursory examination of Camden with Google Earth , I believe I
counted something like three dozen vacant or parking lots between Erie st. and Spruce , running from the Delaware river out to
Rt. 676 ...... and I might have missed a few dozen.
Not to down play the current development taking place at the water front but , most of the decayed waste land in the down town
section has been there for fifty or more years . So IMHO the delay in development might have been politically motivated by our
Trenton and northern neighbors .
Nothing from nothing , my demented theory persuades me to think the most robust injection of funds ( state , private , local or
other wise ) are a separate issue from SY's development and are eons behind being of any help at all .....
Not sure what you are saying, but this development in Camden has nothing to do with Schuylkill Yards and will do little to nothing for Philadelphia besides create a nicer place to look at the skyline and something of architectural interest from Penn's Landing Park. Certainly in the near term. Down the line, it might help boost Camden's profile into somewhat of a satellite city and create more of a synergistic relationship with Philly. Whether it actually improves Camden rather than just making it into an Edge City remains to be seen. A lot will depend on whether they can make the residential and retail components of these Waterfront projects a success and get people to live there.