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Originally Posted by AbortedWalrus View Post
I agree with you about the available land, but one thing in all of the trends we've seen lately is that much of the new development is following rapid transit lines. PATCO runs 24 hours and has two stops in downtown Camden. It's also served by the RiverLine light rail. I think all areas around those stops are prime candidates for the rebirth of Camden, and may be more desirable than a ton of the empty land in N Philly for example.

I've been working in Camden for 10 years and the amount of development happening in the last year eclipses everything I saw in total in the 9 prior years. And that's not just new buildings and rehabs, it's also the amount of local businesses being opened. Things in Camden are heating up and I think in another decade it will have changed pretty significantly.
I'm hearing more and more from a bunch of real estate investors about Camden. The price of entry is better than anywhere in Philly and while Camden is still really rough, it's proximity to CC could be the difference maker that could really push Camden along.

I think it's a lot closer than many people think.