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Originally Posted by homebucket View Post
SF also has 2 subway stations (4th & Townsend and Salesforce Transit Center) in the pipeline for Caltrain and 1 for CAHSR (Salesforce Transit Center) as part of a Downtown Rail Extension project via a 1.3 mile tunnel from the existing 4th & King station.
Also, there are plans to extend the Market Street subway all the way to SFSU/Park Merced, rather than having it end at West Portal as it currently does. So that would be a few more subway stations. Maybe 3 or 4?

Then there's the potential future extension of the central subway, which would add at least one more station, in North Beach, as well as the new BART transbay tube (when they finally build it in 500 years), which would probably include at least one more station in SF (or many more, if they include a new subway down Geary/19th avenue).
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