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Originally Posted by mrnyc View Post
i dont think so. had it opened when originally intended it would be much more than that today. you dont stand still or go back when something like a subway system gets started up, you only go forward. someday the streetcar light rail system cinci is now building may find a way to incorporate the tunnel. once its a success and shuts the critics down that is. even if not, of course its always going to be there, so i would never count it out.
I think people would be surprised to see just how big-time Cincinnati's plan was. It was built to the same specs as Boston's Red Line but several existing surface interurban lines were expected to convert to run their equipment directly onto the city-owned railway. So imagine the Mattapan High Speed line and the like converting to operate directly onto the Red Line, but several examples of that. If Cincinnati's system would have broken ground 2-3 years earlier it would have been completed (the WWI delay + resulting devaluation of gold caused the budget problems) and it would be one of the most unique systems in the United States.
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