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^^^ As if that weren't enough, if this and Lucas go through, we'll have people clamoring at the door trying to make $2 billion investments in all of our parks! Oh the horror!

As much as I'm a proponent of principals when it comes to planning and design in Chicago, when you cut through it all, the fact is that these museums are going to take up such a tiny portion of our total park land and create such a disproportionately large benefit, I can't see how anyone can be against them in the end. I suppose similar economic arguments have been used for evil as is the case with Prentice, but the fact is that no one is claiming these are the only spots we can build these museums, but rather that these are the best spots to build them.

Regardless of how it all shakes out, I am excited that we have such an opportunity two add to world class institutions to our city virtually overnight. It almost makes up for the loss of the Olympics. Maybe we will still go for the Olympics down the road and have that much more to show off when we finally land that event.
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