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Originally Posted by BrinChi View Post
So if the RLE goes through, does that make the 95th super station kind of unnecessary? Presumably there would be far fewer bus lines using it as a transfer point.
The 95th project was a Hail Mary by Rahm to win votes in the Black community, either because he wanted to cancel the RLE project or because he knew it would take decades to get funding. However, we don't know how CTA will adjust their bus service after RLE opens. Probably like 5 routes that currently terminate at 95th will be rerouted, but that still leaves another 8-10 routes. They could potentially use any leftover bus bays for intercity buses; Greyhound already stops there.

Originally Posted by orulz View Post
Usually diagrams like this that have made accomodations for a second track, will have a dashed line marked "Future Second Track" indicating that second track's future alignment. I haven't seen any such marking on any of the diagrams for this project yet. It would be comforting to see *any* positive indication whatsoever that they've thought ahead about where it might go, and how to build it without massive disruptions in the future.
I wouldn't base too much speculation on one diagram from a grant application. They don't have any funding for real design or engineering yet; this diagram was probably put together by a planning intern.
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