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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
It might be short-sighted not to build two tracks on Day 1, but it won't be difficult to double-track it later if they want to run commuter service.

-The ramp structure is above ground and will mostly be supported on wide straddle bents over other tracks below. I imagine they will design these straddle bents to support a 2nd track in the future; the cost to do so is minimal. Railroad structures often include provisions for future 2nd track.
It would obviously make sense to make accommodations for an eventual second track, but I'd rather see it confirmed in writing, or at least verbally confirmed - rather than just imagining it to be so.

Usually diagrams like this that have made accomodations for a second track, will have a dashed line marked "Future Second Track" indicating that second track's future alignment. I haven't seen any such marking on any of the diagrams for this project yet. It would be comforting to see *any* positive indication whatsoever that they've thought ahead about where it might go, and how to build it without massive disruptions in the future.
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