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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
^ That brings us full circle. My comment was advocating a re-prioritizing of more ambitious ground up systems like a BART, like a WMATA, like a MARTA instead of relying on commuter rail along legacy freight corridors often operating with access agreements that caps the kind of service levels that could grow ridership even further. The issue here really isn't propulsion, I did not mean to make it sound like it was, it really is route. An intentional corridor designed for maximum ridership catchment is obviously going to always be more ideal than working with pre-existing rail infrastructure.
Yes, a purpose built transit line, whichever is built, will have better ridership. But when, after waiting how many years into the future?
Sounder commuter trains have been in operations between Seattle and Tacoma since 2000. Sound Transit was formed in 1993. It took Sound Transit just 7 years to initiate commuter rail services between Seattle and Tacoma. They are still extending Link Light Rail from Seattle to Tacoma, and will not complete that line all the way until 2032.
7 years for initiating commuter rail over an existing freight line between Seattle and Tacoma vs 39 "planned" years for a dedicated transit line to be built.

You make the call, which is ultimately better for a brand new, expanding transit system?
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